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a poem by Raneem Ali

art by Luisa

In my dreams you love me back

The green-eyed monster

It cut me some slack

As i plan my attack

On the ones you love back

Like a maniac

I stayed awake

Coffee and a pack

It’s getting late

If i dream of you and i haven’t slept

If you could tell what happens next

If i didn’t text

If i never left


If i understand the zodiac

Not the kind you hate

The killer you said was great

A movie you said was fate

If the scars on you would always remain

Through thick and thin

Through love and vain

If you see your scars and recall

Would you remember me at all?

If grey was blue

If you loved me too

If i noticed you were cruel

If you said it wasn’t juvenile

If i danced by the river nile

Would any of this be less true?

If you loved me just as much as i loved you

Not juvenile, but true

Would you still love her too?


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