Make yourself at home by sending in your submissions to

Submissions can be in either English or Arabic.

Make sure to always include a title for your work and your name. You are not obliged to use your real name and can feel free to use a nickname, but a name must  be included in the submission. If you wish for your submission to be posted anonymously, please state this in your email. 

If you would like for us to link your social media information, please include a link to your social media accounts in your submission!

Your work does not have to be perfect, it just needs to be something that you want to share. We are building our community to encourage artists to create and express themselves in their preferred mediums. 

Your submission does not need to be exclusive on our platform either! Submissions you make to the Lunar Inn Magazine does not need to have been created specifically for our website. 

Contribute in the next issue: *to be announced*

We accept all forms of visual and written work such as art, photography and writing submissions. 

Writing submissions can come in any form, including but not limited to poetry, rants, journal entries and short essays. 

Please include a brief note in your email about how your piece is related to the theme. 

Writing pieces should be no longer than 500 words

If you wish to submit a longer writing piece, consider submitting to our writing or entertainment sections instead of the issue !

Contribute to a section 


The Lunar Inn currently consists of three section. Please inform us which section you are submitting to in your email. 

There is no word limit for any of the following sections, but we recommend you write your submission between 

600 - 1500 words.

The Bedroom - the writing section and art section. 



Can include any form of writing such as poetry, short stories, essays or articles about any topic of your choice. 


The title of the work must be included, along with the submitter's name.



Feel free to submit sets of any form of art and photography, however please make sure to submit a set of at least 6 pieces in order to be included in this section. 

If your art submission is less than 6 entries, consider submitting to our next issue instead! But make sure to somehow relate them to the theme. 

A title must be given to the collection along with the submitter's name.

We would love for you to include a short description of your work or a brief note to accompany it, but that is optional : )


Short films and videos. 

The Living Room - the entertainment section.


Submissions may include reviews/analysis of movies, books, shows, music or video games.

They may also include comics, music, films etc. made by you.  

The Kitchen - the interviews section. 

Submit interviews you've had. Can be submitted as written, filmed, or as a podcast. 

Our primary goal is to promote creativity and create a safe space where we can all grow together, so if you think you have something to share that doesn't fit into our current sections, show us anyway! We have no interest in restricting anyone, and will do our very best to support every contributor.