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the Lunar team

If you enjoy submitting to our magazine, consider applying for a position and becoming a permanent member of our team. But make sure you're willing to create content regularly! Otherwise, please feel free to submit with us on your own schedule. 

The positions available are Staff Writer and Visual Creator

(meet our current team)

Being a Staff Writer at the Lunar Inn means writing for any and all of our sections at a schedule that you are free to shape and discuss with us. You will be required to submit at least one piece of writing for each issue we put out after you join our team. You might be asked to write pieces inspired by some of our art submissions every once in a while. 

Being a Visual Creator at the Lunar Inn means submitting art/photography/collages (whichever medium you prefer) regularly. You will be expected to create art inspired by written submissions, but you will always have full creative freedom over your work. 

If you're interested in both, or have a set of skills that expand beyond these two positions, let us know! We are always looking to build on and improve our platform, so if you believe you have something to contribute, do not hesitate in letting us know. 

Send us an email with a couple samples of your work! Whether it's writing, art, photography, film, podcasts, etc. 

Make sure to include your name (or your nickname if you prefer) in your email, as well as your age, and your social media handles (optional). 

Tell us a little about yourself and why you're interested in a position on the team! 

What your email should include (feel free to copy and paste this): 



Position applying for (Staff Writer/Visual Creator): 

Instagram handle (if applicable): 

Tell us about yourself and why you're interested in a position on the team: 

Attatched samples of some of your work 

We recommened submitting to one of our sections a couple of times before applying for a permanent position to get an idea of how we work here and see if you're into it. 

please note that these are volunteer positions and that no monetary compensation will be provided. 

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