Issue 02- YOUTH 


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Raneem Ali


Maha Alkindi

(@oryx_art   @oryx_pics)



Ismail Majid




Maher Gidwani


artists & 


Liya Islamova (@mama__robin)

Siyu Piyu Chui (@siyu_piyu_chiu_)

Nisha Kapitzki (@bynksha)

Maha Tariq Chaudhry (@tismayhay)

Rehan Khurram (@rhk.arrt)

Fiza Mohsin (@fizventures)

Tabarak (@tabbrk)

Rayan (@rayanistyping)

Aya (@ayasbrushes)

Hamza Zaidi (@hmz.drawss)

Jude Ershead (@blossomingclouds)

Sara Hesham (@arttattackk)

Fatima (@tobiiok)

Bilal (@bilalthegrease)

Breanna (@breeliantgogh)

Run (@runamoto)

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Thank you for reading the second issue of the Lunar Inn Magazine.


Despite it being our second issue, it was the first issue created after the release of our website, making it our first submission based issue. We wanted the theme to be something open and relatable with a wide range of possible entries to encourage our followers to interact with the magazine. The submissions we received for this issue truly exceeded our hopes and expectations, and the idea of youth was expressed with beautiful diversity. We feel so lucky that such talented people have chosen to create with us. 

We can't wait for the next adventure.

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