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Rap Kid India - Brew the Interview

a conversation with Rap Kid India by Raneem Ali Maaly and B.Devanandana

In episode 2 of Brew the Interview, Staff Writers Raneem and Devanandana have a conversation with Aditi Nair R aka Rap Kid India aka the Rising Singing Sensation.

Hello friends of the lunar inn, hope this letter finds you well.

Deva and I cooked up this little interview for you!

I’ll let Deva takeover now that I’ve said my pun. (Get it.. Because cooked… kitchen section.. Okay bye)


Hii! How are you all? I’m Devanandana, and you’ll see me interviewing Rap Kid India along with Raneem on her show Brew The Interview for the Lunar Inn Magazine. I took the initiative to reach out to Raneem and do something fun as this because WHY NOT!?

Seeing Rap Kid reach new heights through her struggles was it for me. She has been a real great source of inspiration and I self-reflected like I have never self-reflected before after this interview. Raneem, Rap Kid and I had a conversation for about an hour, and we have it documented for you!! I really hope you enjoy the interview and get inspired just like I did. Also, this is my first time interviewing someone and I’m pretty sure I have messed up here and there. Bear with me please.

Devaaa. <3


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