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a poem by Willow Kang


I was dancing in the dark, alone

to the howl

of a phantom piano

when the shamanic postman

delivered your flashing obituary


The moon is a junkie’s orb

& the only dowry

I can leave at your altar,

glorious god

of absent, unsuspecting bodies


The peacemaker arrives

as capsules of glitter

on the naive wizard’s wagon

Look at his charms, how

poisonings are made joyful


When I awoke

in the motorcycle’s dawn,

rising like potions from the

sand dunes, were exploding nebulae,

butchered by sleeper satellites


Even before our last

batteries sung their swan song

Mayday, Mayday,

the river nymphs had dug memorials

from cavernulous corals

for bodies cocooned

in uncharted vacuums


Today painkillers fill the void

of your solar system, steeped

in the unrestrained gleam of an usurper

You are what the settlers pray to

& in your godless absence

I tread on this tenuous freedom

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