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Lalić - Brew the Interview

a conversation with Lalić by Raneem Ali featuring Ahmad Khazali

In the debut of her new Kitchen segment 'Brew the Interview', Staff Writer Raneem Ali is joined by cohost Ahmad Khazali in her interview with Lalić, a Serbian musician and visual artist with a total of seven released records thus far.

Dear person reading this,

Hello, how are you? How have you been? Hope this finds you well. While you were away, Ahmad and I had a conversation with Mladen Lalic, a serbian artist who we’ve admired for a while now. We recorded the conversation just for you!

It took me 2 hours and 40 minutes with Ahmad and Mladen to actually absorb some real “wisdom”. This wasn’t your classic interview, it was a conversation between three people who happen to have affected one another’s life in a certain way. Really shows you how unpredictable life is and how small we are compared to everything great.

I’ve never felt more inspired and I think this whole process opened my third eye in a way.

I'm very grateful for having the chance to catch up with such people. Mladen Lalic was very amazing from the beginning of the process and I don't think I'll ever meet anyone nicer .

I hope you enjoy watching the footage and I hope you have a wonderful day/week/year!




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