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DOZA - Brew the Interview

a conversation with Doza by Raneem Ali Maaly

In episode 3 of Brew the Interview, Staff Writer Raneem has a conversation with DOZA, an up-and-coming artist based in the UAE

Hello friends of the lunar inn!

Hope this letter find you well, it hasn’t been long since our last encounter.

I felt i wanted to be a little consistent, before taking a short break from making videos. (editing takes so much energy oh my god!)

In my third episode,I, for the first time, interview an artist solo! AND IN PERSON! USING REAL EQUPMENT!

Enough about me, I have a conversation with the very amazing DOZA in this episode of brew the interview. They have been a friend of mine for a while and I was introduced to them by the one and only yam who actually shot, and practically directed this whole thing. (love you yam)

Thank you Doza and Yam for all the help, and co-operating amidst all your projects and deadlines … basically just making time fr me during my very short trip back home, it’s people like you guys who truly make it home for me :)

Also, friend, thank YOU for the support on the last episode my heart is so full.

I really enjoyed this one, and i hope you do too.

All the love,



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