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Devil's Play & Abyss

poems by Ishrath Tabassum Jaigirdar

art by Fiza Mohsin


My spiritual boundary is breaking

Each crack revealed the infernal void of sin

My hope, my faith is failing

Heaving heart, heavy with regret

Darkened by dangerous secrets.

When the sight of ceaseless fire flashed across those sinful eyes

“It’s the devil’s play”, I sighed.

And when the scorching flames nearly licked that tainted conscience

“It’s the devil’s play!” I cried. ABYSS

Plunged into an abyss, I was falling. It wasn't dark, rather a kaleidoscope of colors. Splashes of vibrant red Specks of glittering gold Velvety blue that adorned its walls Shimmering yellow that sparkled in my eyes Dazzling silver, as I fell deeper into insanity.


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