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rest at the lunar inn or go on an adventure


The Lunar Inn is an online magazine where we encourage you to explore yourself through our themed issues, while also offering safe spaces as your creative outlets in our magazine sections. 


With each new theme comes a new opportunity for an adventure to explore yourself. A hero’s journey. A chance to question and create. The submissions you provide us, guided by these themes, are put together in a travel journal - aka our issues -  so that we can all enjoy them together and inspire and learn from each other. 


To rest from your journeys, you can check in at the Lunar Inn and choose a room to rest in. Each room represents one of our magazine sections. The inbox for these sections is permanently open, and you have complete creative freedom with your submissions for them, provided they abide by our guidelines. Stay in the rooms for as long as you like, and make them your own by submitting, and become an active member of our community. 


The Lunar Inn is a place for everyone who has something to share. We’ll be here to support you on your quests to unlock your passions and desires, and we’ll be here to help you get away from the chaos of them. 


Enjoy your stay!


head into our lobby
and meet the lunar team

send us your work

contribute to our magazine sections; the bedroom, the living room and the kitchen.

send us your work! we want to hear the stories you have to tell, the rants occupying your mind, what you thought about the last movie you watched, the music playlists that you love, the art pieces and animations you enjoyed making. 


if you want to share it, then we want to see it. 

the Lunar Inn is merely a place for people who want to create and feel seen.


your work does not have to be perfect, it just needs to be yours.


submit and join our community.


let's support each other and grow together to create something we can be proud of. 

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The Writing, Art and Film Section

includes short stories, journal entries, poetry, articles and rants

features galleries of artwork and photography

The Entertainment Section 

includes reviews and analysis of movies, shows, books, music etc.

The Interviews Section 

includes conversations with creators. 

issue 05 - home

now live

home is where the heart is

so where do we go home?

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